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Magtax for Windows

Tax Year 2021

(c) 1999,2021 American Riviera Software Corporation

All Rights Reserved.


Getting Started

An overview of what to do.


The Legal Stuff.

Registering/Purchasing the Software

Procedures and process to purchase and activate Magtax.

Readme - The Latest Information

What has changed, what was fixed, what's new.


Online Tutorials for learning Magtax

Obtaining Support

How to contact tech support.

Obtaining the Latest Release

How to obtain the latest version.

Navigating, Buttons, and more

What the buttons do....


What the Menu Options are.


Manage Data for more than one Company.

Importing and Converting Data

How to get data from QuickBooks and spreadsheets.

Dataset Manager

Keeps track of your filings. Easily switch between datasets.

Company Maintenance

The details for the Transmitter too.

Edit 1099 Data

Specific form details.

Edit W2 Data

Review and change W2 Records

Supported Forms

What forms does Magtax Support?

Printing Forms

Printing hardcopy forms.

Printing Reports

Reports for Review.

Electronic Filing

Creating a datafile to send to the IRS/SSA

General FAQs

General Questions and Answers - How do i....?

W2 Frequently Asked Questions

Related to W2s importing, filing, etc.

1099 Frequently Asked Questions

Related to 1099 importing, filing, etc.

Report Writer

Write your own Summary Reports with the Data You Need.

Converting Datasets from Prior Year

Copying and Zeroing Data