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Modify W-2 Data

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This item gives you a larger view of your W-2 Records.






Color coding of the W2 List:






Error Condition - override



Error Condition - Needs attention



State Paid is not the same as Address of employee.  The is common - especially for terminated employees


Lime Green

State Wages do not equal Federal Wages.


View amount totals on the tabs at the bottom of the window.



Modify Data Button






Click the Modify Data button to make the following changes......

CAUTION ! - This will permanently change the data.  Make sure you understand these options.  We recommend you backup your MTW datafile.


Assign All Wages to Other Wages Œ

Takes amount in Federal Wages and assigns that value to State Wages, FICA Wages, Medicare Wages, Local Wages

Reverse Sign of a Field Œ

If something was imported as a "negative" amount, use this option to correct it.  There should be no negative amounts reported anywhere!

Set State Paid in to Entered State

Normal, the State Paid In is the state where the employee lives.  This allows you to override that default for everyone.

Deduct 401k from Federal Wages Œ

Correctly adjusts Federal wages to reflect the deductions for the plan.

Deduct 403b from Federal Wages Œ

Correctly adjusts Federal wages to reflect the deductions for the plan.

Set Locality Name to value entered

Globally set the value of all W2.

Add FICA Tips to Wages Œ

Adjusts total wages for FICA tips.

Clear Local Data

Zeros Local amounts and names.

Clear State Data

Zeros State amounts and names.

Adjust All Wages

This re-assigns all wage amounts to the Unadjusted Wage amount imported from QuickBooks and applies the wage limitations on FICA and Medicare wages.
Section125, Section125NR[Not reported],  ShareholderInsuranceNR and SIMPLERetirement are deducted from all wage amounts.
Additionally, 403b[E] and 401K[D] are deducted from Federal Wages


ŒThese items are automatically performed during a QuickBooks Import process.