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Operating Controls

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Magtax uses a standard set of controls and icons to help you navigate through the screens.  Here are those standard buttons.


Button_Add Add.  This is used to add a new item or entry to the associated list.  This is how you add new information.


Button_edit Edit.  This is used to edit or change the selected item in the list.  This is how you change existing information.


button_delete Delete. This is used to remove or delete the selected item from the list.  This is how you remove forms entries, etc.


button_helpHelp.  This is used to display the online help related to the current screen.


button_closeClose.  This is used to Close the current window.  If the window is editing data (if it has an OK / Save button) it will close WITHOUT SAVING any changes.


button_ok OK / Save.  This button saves the current entry and closes the screen.  If this button is displayed on a list, it is used to select the highlighted entry on the list and return that information to the screen that was looking for it.