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Getting Started

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Welcome to MAGTAX.

We would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have.


Now... Let's get going.....

First, check out what is new....


Next, take a look at the standard navigation controls window.


What does MAGTAX do?

MAGTAX helps you to manage data for generating 1099 and W2 forms.  MAGTAX supports multiple Companys (each with their own DataSet ).  Each Company can have an unlimited number of Vendors and Forms. You can print on pre-printed forms as well as laser generate forms on plain paper.  MAGTAX also supports the Magnetic Media filing requirements by generating a datafile to be sent to the IRS or SSA.  You can create as many different filings for as many different Companys as you wish.


What do I do First?

Read as much of the Help information as possible!

Read the Process Overview Section

Then, Create a DataSet using the New Filing Wizard on the Dataset Manager Window and edit the Company information.

Then you are ready to enter forms or use the Import Functions to import data from an external source such as QuickBooks.


Maintaining the Form Data.

Next you would make any changes necessary to your form data.    There are summary reports available for review of entered data.


Print Your Forms

Once you have all the necessary information entered, you can print the forms.


Generate Magnetic Media File.

If you are required to submit your 1099 or W2 information on Magnetic Media, then you would continue with this process.


That's Basically It !

See the table of contents for more information.  Also see the README section for the latest changes.