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privacy policy...

Today, the internet is full of mass marketers.  It's sometimes hard to sort through it all.

We have set our policies below that cover our e-mail marketing and our handling of your data if the need arises during technical support.

email policy...

First of all, if we sent you an e-mail and you were offended by it, we are sorry. We make an effort to send e-mails only once. We know there is a lot of spam out there today.

How did we get your e-mail address? Probably either an inquiry or a discussion list. We did not buy a list or support those that sell lists. We do not spoof our return addresses, etc. If we sent you a message, clicking reply will actually reply...

What will we do with your e-mail address? That, of course is what everyone wonders. You are here because you received an e-mail from us. We will make our best effort to never send another message if you did not give us your contact information. No need to ask for removal. We will not sell your address. We do not work with list vendors.

data privacy policy...

This is the most important thing of all!  Like credit card information, employment information stored in Magtax and therefore may be included during support requests is highly sensitive.  We understand that.

If the need arises that we need to see your data to provide technical support, that data will be destroyed within 24 hours of resolution of the support issue.  We will sign any documents you require to assure you that data privacy is as important to us as it is to you.

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August 1, 2022 - Magtax 2022 Early Update Discount emails going out. Click HERE for Early Renewals and Early Purchases

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