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File W-2 and 1099 forms electronically with Magtax

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frequently asked questions...

Here are some of the typical questions asked by new users of Magtax. There are many different twists to reporting (especially W-2 forms) so not all of these questions will apply to you.

Reports available? I entered one 1099-MISC as a practice and received the 1099-MISC Summary Report. Is that all that is available? No report listing of Payers or Payees?

There are summary reports for each type of form.  There is a report writer built in for specific needs and we will create any report you want. Most of our users just generate diskettes, etc. and use reports from their accounting systems and reconcile totals. You can fax us a sample report and we will create it for you.

Payee Form Data - when filling out this form, what do the "Code", "Name-Ctrl" and "Account" fields mean?

Code is simply an identifier within Magtax. When importing data this is automatically created - sequential numbers. When adding Payees manually you can enter a value.

Name Ctrl is an IRS field - and described in the IRS instructions - that contains parts of the payee's name. The IRS uses it as a check on names.

Account is a field for you to use to track the payee back to your account system. A vendor ID for example.

I have imported my 1099-MISC forms from QuickBooks and all the amounts are in Box-7 - Non-Employee Compensation.  Why? How can I change this?

There is a limitation in Intuits interface that does not provide "Box" information for 1099s.  Our best guess is that the majority of amounts belong in Box-7.  If your forms are substantially all Box 1 for example, we can provide a utility to move all the amounts to Box-1.  Please contact support for more information.

02/20/09 - We have received notice from Intuit that the next release of their interface will provide the information that has been missing for years.  We anticipate incorporating this when released probably in May 2009.

It would help if your Magtax software had a users manual to guide a person through the process. I muddled through the screens, but wasn't sure what all the fields meant and wasn't sure what sequence to enter data.

There is a 60+ page printable manual.  We have also added to the online help. If you have problems finding what you needed there, please let us know so we can add explanations to anything that is unclear.

There are a series of movies on-line for people to see as well. Especially the data import process.  There are links to the on-line movies within the Magtax help. We have found that these movies best help people visualize the process.

I have Employees that worked in another state for me and others that have worked in more than 1 state.  How do I get my state Employer ID to print for the other states?

To resolve this, we need to use the MORE button in the Payer maintenance screen.  Click here to see a movie of this.

The QuickBooks movies you show are using the accountants edition of QuickBooks.  I don't use the Accountants edition so I don't have the same options?

It is our experience that every year and every version of QuickBooks does some rearranging of menus.  The Names of the Reports referred to in the movies and in the on-line help are the important part.  Some versions have the reports under the Reports Menu then Payroll.  Some have them under a Payroll Menu.  As long as the version you have has payroll functionality, the reports are there.

How does the import process work?

Whether you are importing data from QuickBooks or some other source, you will be looking at a sample of your data and matching the fields or columns to earnings and deductions fields in Magtax.

Quickbooks and other applications allow for an unlimited number of income and deduction categories. You can name them anything you want. Magtax can't always determine what field is what. For example. You may have a series of income fields "dept A Hrly", "dept B Vaca","dept C sal". There is a screen during the import process where you tell Magtax that those fields are Wages. Same applies to deductions.  This is the most difficult part of the process and should be completed by someone with knowledge of filling out the W2.

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