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File W-2 and 1099 forms electronically with Magtax

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We hope to answer any questions you have about Magtax here on this page.  If for any reason you have a question, please contact and we will be more than happy to explain the features further.

  1. What forms does Magtax support?

    W-2, 1099-Misc, 1099-Int, 1098, 1098-C.
    These forms comprise 90% of forms filed. We will gladly add any form requested.

  2. Can I file returns for multiple companies?

    Definitely.  Magtax supports and unlimited number of companies and reporting agents. Magtax also supports separate filings by different divisions.

  3. What brand of pre-printed forms does Magtax support?

    We prepare Nelco forms but will support any form.  There are only a handful of unique forms such as 4 per page W-2's, etc.

  4. Does Magtax produce other reports?

    Yes.  Summary reports of you filings can be printed for your records in PDF and other formats.

  5. What information is kept by Magtax?

    Everything about employees and payees is kept year to year.  Converting payees each year maintains the prior year data and optionally clears the current entry fields.

  6. What about importing from QuickBooks?

    There are limitations in the interface provided by Intuit.
    During the import of W-2's, you will need to assign earnings and deductions to the appropriate form fields.
    When importing 1099-Misc forms, all amounts go into Box-7.  Please contact support if the majority of your forms are for a different box.  We can provide a field to move the amounts to the other Boxes.
    02-20-2009 - Intuit has released a test version of their latest programming interface which should remove this limitation.

  7. When reading over the SSA guidelines for magnetic filing of W-2's, they request that if a person files W-2's for more than one EIN that they should all be included in one file. Does your software offer this capability? We are interested in purchasing your software but this is a very important feature for us. We have 3 separate companies and one of those companies has 5 separate operating units.

    That request is targeted at service bureaus. In practice it is done a little differently. Our software currently allows you to process a single payer in a submission file (W2REPORT).

    If I understand your situation, it breaks down like this:

    • Company1 (FEIN1)
    • Company2 (FEIN2)
    • Company3 (FEIN3)
    • Company3 Div1 (FEIN?)
    • Company3 Div2 (FEIN?)
    • Company3 Div3 (FEIN?)
    • Company3 Div4 (FEIN?)
    • Company3 Div5 (FEIN?)

    Each of the 3 entities would be a separate diskette or upload. (W2REPORT file). Now, the company with 5 operating units.. does it have 5 EINs? If they have 5 EINs they could be filed separately. If they share an EIN, then look at the 'establishment number' information. This is specifically to allow large companies to file separate reports from different divisions (same EIN). All correspondence with the IRS/SSA is separated by establishment.

  8. If I enter data into the trial version, will I have to re-enter the data if I purchase Magtax?

    No.  The trial version is the real product with some features disabled.  Once you purchase Magtax, we send you registration information to enter and that enables all the features.

  9. Does the file I submit comply with the SSA’s MMREF-1 and MMREF-2 formats?

    Yes it does.  It's the only format the SSA allows.
  10. Does creating the report require a lot of manual labor and/or entering of data?

    No. You may need to adjust that rare employee (usually executives with some other sort of benefits). You may also need to adjust for things like Section 125 deductions. These types of changes are handled by a process by clicking the Modify Data button the the W2 screen. It'll adjust all employees at once. The online help describes all the functions.
  11. As I was reading the SSA instructions, I log into their site & then browse to select the file to be sent. Will the file already be prepared in your software for me to just click & insert?

    Yes. You generate the file in Magtax before going to the SSA site. W2Report is the standard name of the file. There is a Generate menu in Magtax to Create this file, but it is not created until you tell Magtax to create it.



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August 1, 2022 - Magtax 2022 Early Update Discount emails going out. Click HERE for Early Renewals and Early Purchases

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