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e-File W-2 and 1099 forms with Magtax

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Click here to try Magtax and see how easy it is to comply with the IRS and SSA requirements for filing 1099 and W-2 forms.

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Click here to Purchase Magtax now and get your filing done today !

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e-File your data today.
Download the trial, activate, and e-file in under an hour!*

MAGTAX! solves your
QuickBooks e-filing problems.


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August 19, 2014 - Magtax 2014 is being readied for the upcoming filing season. 

January 6, 2014 - Magtax 2013.0.7 is now ready with some additional form changes.  Click WebUpdate on the Magtax toolbar to get the latest release.

November 1, 2013 - Magtax 2013 is now ready for the upcoming filing season.

October 25, 2013 - A final release of Magtax 2013 has been delayed because the IRS has not released the changes for 2013.  We believe this is because of the government shutdown.  We will be making a Pre-Release available Monday October 28th.

August 2011 - Magtax introduces CUP - Competitive Upgrade Program. We realize you have an investment in your existing tools.  We want to help. Click here to find out more.

major features...

  • Both editions import from QUICKBOOKS*.  We communicate directly with QuickBooks so we solve the 800 form and $10mil limitations.
  • Electronic Filing for 1099 and W-2 Forms.
  • Prior Year Reporting Options.
  • Print Forms on Plain Paper.
  • Unlimited Number of Companies.
  • Unlimited Number of Forms.
  • No Fees, no filing charges. You file directly with the IRS and/or SSA over the internet.
  • new Pro 2012 - e-file form 8809 Extensions.
  • new Pro 2012 - e-verify included.

how does Magtax work for your business.....

the different editions...

Click here for a brochure with more detailed comparison

  • Magtax Standard imports data from QuickBooks*, Excel, and CSV files, supports and unlimited number of companies and forms and supports 1099-Int, 1099-S, 1099-B, 1098, 1098-C, 1099-G and more.
  • Magtax Professional adds client management, additional forms, prior year processing and more.

magtax can help you....

  • Magtax makes it easy for you to stay in compliance with IRS and SSA requirements.
  • Forms can be laser printed on plain paper or can be printed on pre-printed forms.
  • Your data can be uploaded to the SSA or IRS.
  • Save your data and your time.  No need to retype your data for filing each year.  Magtax saves all your data year after year.
  • Importing you data from QuickBooks or other sources is easy.
  • Keep these tax records separate from you accounting system.
  • Know what you reported to the government even if you have made changes on your accounting system.!

more information...
* You need to have a TCC with the IRS.
Please read more about QuickBooks Importing in More Information. 
See Getting Started for more information.

- Twitter
- IRS Publications
- SSA Publications
- SSA Employer Website
- SSA Critical Info
- Accuwage
- AmerisoftCorp

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