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Setup Defaults

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Select File Menu - > Setup -> "Configure Options"


hmtoggle_plus1Color Settings


If you have a visual problem with the default colors in Magtax, you may change them here.





hmtoggle_plus1Wage Limits

Wage Limits - Wage limits may be overridden from the defaults on this tab.




When entering amounts, consider the following:


- An amount of ZERO will cause no limitation.


These limitations apply when using the "All Wage Amounts" import field and the Data Manipulation utilities.




hmtoggle_plus1Other Settings


A few other options may be set on this tab.




Auto Check for Updates will check for updates when Magtax starts and notify you if there is a new update available.


W2 Print Sequence is for setting what Form Copies and in what sequence copies are printed when selecting  "Employee Copies in Sequence"





hmtoggle_plus1QuickBooks Communication Settings


These settings should only be changed if requested by Technical Support










We now include a facility to automatically create backup copies of your data.


Auto options:

Opening of Dataset - this means a copy of the dataset is made just before it is opened.

Closing Dataset - this means a copy is made when it is closed.


Date/Time Stamp - A date and time (20091225_142201) is added to the dataset name.  In theory a backup is never overwritten and many backup files will accumulate over time.  If uncheck, a single backup is made and replaced.


Backup Path - by default it is created in a folder called 'backup' under the data folder.  You can use any path you want.