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Optimizing Network Performance

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Oplocks are a server function that handles multi-user sharing of data files primarily for those types of data files not specifically designed for multi-user use.

Magtax does not need Oplocks enabled - we prefer they be disabled.  We have some references below on how to change Oplocks.



Security Software Exclude from Scanning


All Security software has the ability to exclude specific folders and files from being scanned.  Excluding the Magtax data folders from being scanned will markedly improve performance.

Use the "Where's My Data" option to locate the datafiles and folders to exclude.

The Config Data folder is the root of all others - so excluding the Config Data Folder and Sub-Folders will effectively exclude Magtax data from being scanned.


Magtax will never store Executable/Application files in those folders.  So if you find any applications there it should be investigated further.



Network and Hardware Issues


We have encountered in the past, customers with failing network cards, switches, and hard drives.  All can cause poor performance and data corruption.

It's neither common nor uncommon to have these sorts of issues.  Just be aware of the possibility especially in a shared environment.

The type of network access used by Magtax is much different (and more demanding that in be error free) than loading a Word document or accessing the internet.


Also see the section of AntiVirus Software