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Import Fields

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What do those different fields actually do?


Actually, many of the fields are redundant.  We just use different terms because people use different terms.  But, here is what they all mean....



Name - Name. The first line of a QuickBooks is labeled Blank but in fact is the name.
All Wage Amounts - This value is added to all wage types.
FedWage - Federal Wages
FedWH - Federal Withholdings
FicaWage & SocSecWage - Same thing.
FicaTips - Tips Subject to FICA.
FicaWh & SocSecWh - Employee portion.
MediWage - Wages subject to Medicare Tax
MediWH  - Employee Medicare Tax Withheld
StateWage - State Wages
StateWH & SWH - State Tax Withheld
State Paid In - The State where the wages were earned.  The State we need to report to.
State2Wage - The Second State if paid in more than 1 state.
State2WH - The State Tax Withheld on State2
StateDisability & SDI - State Disability deducted from wages.
Group Insurance
Uncollected FICA Tips
Advanced EIC
Allocated Tips
Fringe Benefits
Deferred Comp
D 401 K
Dependent Care Bene
E 403B
F 408 k 6
G 457
H 501 c
Excess Golden Parachute
Business Exp
Uncollected FICA Group
Uncollected Medicare Group
Sick Pay
Pension Plan (Y/N)
Statutory Employee (Y/N)
Box 14 - Amount A
Box 14 - Amount B
Box 14 - Amount C
Tin_Type. If a value is in this field it overrides TINisSSN. Values 1=FEIN, 2=SSN
TINisSSN. If Tin_Type is blank and TINisSSN contains a value (any value), then Tin_Type is set to 2