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Reviewing & Manipulating the Data

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You should review the data for accuracy.  Random checks and verifying counts and totals helps to make sure the data is complete.


You can sort the data in any way you want by clicking on the column title.



These functions allow for changing data to conform with the Magtax system.  Magtax was design to supply all the necessary information for the Magnetic Media filings and therefore separates City, State, and Zipcode, etc.  Some payroll systems do not separate this information.




Reverse the Sign of a Field

Selecting this option allows you to Select a Field that will be multiplied by "-1"


Parse State and Zip from City

The process analyzes the City Field and separates the Zip Code and State into the appropriate fields.


Assign FedWages to Other Wage Fields

This process assigns the Amount in the FedWages field to FICA Wages, Medicare Wages, State Wages, and Local wages.


Assign a Field or Amount to a Field

This process assigns the value of one field (or a value entered) to another field.