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Corrections Overview

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Filing Corrections for the 1099 series is different from filing corrections for W2s.  See W-2 Corrections for that procedure.


1.Indicate that we are filing corrections for this Dataset.  Go to Employer / Payer Maintenance, and on the corrections tab, check the Corrections box.
2.Edit the forms. Locate the 1099 forms that need correcting, edit the form with the corrected information and check the "corrected" box.
3.Print corrected forms for the Recipient.  During the print format selection, check the box "Print Corrected Forms" so that only corrected forms will print.
4.Run the Review - it will indicate that it will review corrected forms only.
5.After successful review, the Forms are in the Ready to Generate list.
6.Generate the data and e-file as before.