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QuickBooks W-2 Import NOTES

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QuickBooks does not provide Medical Wages, SS Wages or any of that information. They compute it all on the fly, so we have to compute it too....

QuickBooks has a bunch of wages fields that together make total wages.....


When importing from QB, assign things as follows:

Each earnings category -> All Wage amounts

Each deduction or withhold -> the matching field (Federal WH -> Fed WH), (FICA -> FICA)

Do not assign anything to state wages - those are imported separately (and automatically)


Complete the import process and then go into W2 Editing.

Using the bulk edit functions


And Select "Adjust All Wages"

Here is the explanation from the help page:

Adjust All Wages

This re-assigns all wage amounts to the Unadjusted Wage amount imported from QuickBooks and applies the wage limitations on FICA and Medicare wages. Section125, Section125NR[Not reported], ShareholderInsuranceNR and SIMPLERetirement are deducted from all wage amounts.Additionally, 403b[E] and 401K[D] are deducted from Federal Wages



Either purge the W2s or create a new dataset otherwise re-importing will double things......

Do not assign State Withholding either. Nothing state except SDI. State wages and withholding are provided by QB and you don't have to assign that.