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QB Send Data to Support

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On occasion we may need more information about what's going on during the import.  We need some raw data that may be unique to your situation.


Follow these steps closely. We won't be double importing anything.....



1. Click Options tab -> Logging Options and check the box in the middle that says "Verbose Import" then close the logging options window.


2. Click W2 tab -> QuickBooks.


3. Uncheck 1099 - leave Get W2 checked. Click the GO button to get the data (This puts the data into temporary files)


4. Once the Communication is complete you are presented with the "Company Data" button and "W2 Data Import" buttons. DO NOT CLICK those.


5. In the upper left corner is an icon "Lasso". Click the button and it gathers together some data for me in a file called "DataForSupport.dat". Click OK


6. Click the X in the lower right corner to close the import. We are "cancelling" the import but we gathered the data we need.


7. Click Options tab -> Wheres My Data. Click Config Data. This is where the "DataForSupport.dat" file is located.



Please send that file to the support agent you are working with.