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Managing Datasets

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A Dataset is a collection of forms for a specific Company/Client/Payee.  Datasets allow you to group forms in logical sets by company and by purpose.



Example:  Company XYZ - filing forms


We create a (original) dataset for filing company XYZ forms.

Dataset: XYZ

A Dataset can contain all the forms for XYZ.  W2s, 1099-Misc, 1099-Int, etc....

You can print and e-file all these forms.


Example:  Company XYZ - additional forms need to be reported, but the previous forms have already been reported.


We create a new (second) dataset for Company XYZ

Dataset:  XYZ Additional Forms

Add all the new forms.  Print and e-file these forms.....


Example: Company XYZ - Need to correct some forms


We create a new (third) dataset for Company XYZ

Dataset:  XYZ - corrections 1

Enter the corrected data, Print and e-file these corrections.





Managing Dataset files:


If you have a dataset from another workstation you want to add to your list, see

Adding an existing Dataset to the list.


If you used Magtax last year and want to get a copy of the data for use this year (without the amounts), see

Importing & Converting Last Years Datasets