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Adjusting Wages

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FICA Wages is wrong.  It needs to be adjusted by a deduction.


QuickBooks does not report the different wage amounts.  It only gives us a Federal Wage amount.

To correctly report FICA (Social Security) and Medicare wages the Federal Wage needs to be adjusted.


The bulk change function has many options for adjusting wage amounts.  It will quickly adjust the value by the deductions you select.


FICA wages wasn't reduced by the whole deduction.


This usually occurs when an employee exceeds the FICA / Medicare wage caps. With a wage cap of $87,900 and using Section 125 as an example.....


If FedWages are $100k and they have 10k in Section125, FICA Wages would still be $87,900.

If FedWages are $95k and the have 10k in Section 125, FICA Wages would be $85,000.


If I run the bulk change twice, does it deduct the amount twice.


Yes, it does.