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Why does Magtax expire soon?

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When you purchase a license, we send you an email with a license file attached and a description of the license information.


A frequent question is related to a line in that e-mail that says:


Code valid to February 24, 2010


The common question is "I need Magtax to work until March or April, why does it expire?"


It says "Code valid to February 24, 2010". That means the Activation CODE can be used until that date to activate Magtax..


Once activated, Magtax is activated essentially forever.  Every license is "for life".


There are a few things can can cause Magtax to become "unregistered".  For example:


Deletion of the License File

Deletion of certain configuration files

Deletion of certain entries in the registry

Significant hardware or software changes (such as an upgrade from XP to Windows 7)


If Magtax becomes unregistered for any reason send a message to and include the previous license information (Name & serial number).

We will send out a new code as soon as possible.  Usually within a few hours.