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When you click the Connect and Send button, Magtax opens a window with a link to the IRS Fire website.







1. Click the "Copy File Name to ClipBoard" button to put the full path name of the file into the clipboard.

2. Click the Website link to start you web browser if not already open.

3. Once you login to the IRS System website, when you are asked for the filename you want to upload, click the button labeled "Copy File Name to ClipBoard", then click the website field asking for the filename and press Ctrl-V or the paste button.



About IRS Fire....



Although electronic filing may not be a requirement, it is an alternate method of filing information returns that in many cases, is most cost-effective and easier than filing on paper. The electronic filing of information returns is not associated with the form 1040 electronic filing program.


Who must file electronically?

If you are required to file 250 or more information returns, you must file electronically or magnetically. The 250-or-more requirement applies separately to each type of form.


For example, if you must file 500 Forms 1098 and 100 Forms 1099-A, you must file Forms 1098 electronically or magnetically, but you are not required to file Forms 1099-A electronically or magnetically. The electronic/ magnetic filing requirement does not apply if you request and receive a hardship waiver.


TIP: The IRS encourages you to file electronically or magnetically even though you are filing fewer than 250 returns.


The filing requirements apply separately to original returns and corrected returns. Originals and corrections are not aggregated to determine whether you are required to file electronically or magnetically.

Example, if you file 400 Forms 1098 electronically or magnetically and you are making 75 corrections, your corrections can be filed on paper because the number of corrections for Form 1098 is less than the 250 filing requirement. However, if you were filing 250 or more Form 1098 corrections, they would have to be filed electronically/magnetically.