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Generating State W2 Filings - Professional

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For State filings it is necessary that the field "State Where Paid" contains the State for which we want to generate a Report.

This can be set using one of the bulk edit tools and in the case of multi-state filing it is pulled into the form during import.





Once the forms are set, we want to run a Review for the State in question:




Select the state and click Process.  If the review is successful, "mark as ready to generate"


At this point nothing has been generated.


Select File -> Pro Generate


Tag the Company you want to generate for, and click "State Local" button generate a submission file.




Now select the actual format (state) we want to generate.  The click create.





Once the Generate is complete, you are ready to file.





Click File->Pro Submit Files


As you can see, the State/Local files for W2s appear in the SSA list.....




In this example the file "OR_TAX_0022.TXT" was created (and is in your FILINGS folder.

That file can then be submitted to the State/Local agency.